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"Unlocking Potential, One Gallop at a Time: Discover the Healing Power of Hippotherapy for Children"

Vet Petting a Horse

Our Services

Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness

Fine motor groups- Kindergarten Readiness for Common Core.

Sensory Friendly Haircut

Specific Sensory Screenings to create a sensory-friendly haircut experience in

your home. 



The use of movement, sensory stimulation and relationship building of an equine partner to

address and meet therapy goals.


Post Surgical

Post surgical Upper Extremity Limb Lengthening or

orthopedic correction.


Pediasuit Protocol

Pediasuit Protocol is a specific intensive neurological treatment intervention. 


Children Matter Therapy 4 Kids goes beyond the therapy center to provide care in various settings, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our clients

In-Home Therapy

We provide therapy sessions within the child's residence, ensuring a comfortable and familiar environment. This eliminates the necessity of travel, making therapy more convenient for families. Additionally, we offer training sessions at home, allowing for involvement and participation from the family.

School-Based Therapy

We also provide therapy services within schools, collaborating with educators and creating a seamless integration between therapy and academics. This ensures that children receive the support they need while staying engaged in their educational environment.

Community Outreach

Outreach programs or partnerships that Children Matter Therapy 4 Kids is involved in. include collaborations with community centers, local organizations, or events aimed at reaching a wider audience and providing therapy services to those in need.

Customized Approach

Therapy services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, regardless of the location. Our team of dedicated therapists ensures that the same high-quality care is provided, whether it's in the therapy center, at home, or in a school setting and equestrian facility for hippotherapy.


Children Matter - Therapy 4 Kids

Children Matter- Therapy 4 Kids, LLC is a private practice that believes in children and the difference they make in the world. We also believe that, together, we can make an endless difference in the lives of our children. We want to enrich the lives of families and children in our community through this practice and in our small way change our little corner of the world together.

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Volunteer with Us

Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting our mission and making a positive impact on the lives of children through hippotherapy.


Their dedication and commitment help us provide the best possible care and support to our young clients.

Thanks for Applying!

Introduction to Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy does not involve hippos; it involves horses (“hippo” is Greek for “horse”). Beyond a pony ride, hippotherapy uses the horse to target motor (movement), cognitive (thinking), and language goals. The movement
of the horse gives lots of neurofeedback to the child’s brain, which is ideal for therapy. Generally, hippotherapy uses a team approach, which means physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), and speech-language
pathologists (SLPs) work together to create the best results.

Image by Lucie Hošová


Beverly Schaefer

"My granddaughter has ADHD and some speech difficulties. I was amazed how calming Hippotherapy was and as a result she was more eager to learn. She was not afraid to read to Rocky (horse) and that boosted her confidence in reading"

The Real Family

"There are professionals that really make a difference when it matters most. We are forever grateful for Mrs. Odendahl's dedication to our family through our son's path toward independence. A true professional with a great deal of knowledge who is also deeply committed to the children she

helps with compassion and

undying dedication"


"After my son's first haircut at 1 year old I was so traumatized my husband and I just cut his hair at home with scissors.  Your work helped prepare him for cuts with clippers by my husband.  He had his first haircut at a barber in 9 years a few weeks ago! "


"Our daughter was just starting kindergarten and would not hold or use a pencil when we first met "Ms.April". She found different ways to engage her and get her to hold and use a pencil. We are grateful to her because she is now writing her all her letters. Thank goodness because Kindergarteners are

writing short sentences the first week of school!!!!"

Autism Therapy

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